Doraemon Story of Season : A game that bring beautiful nostalgic moment Review

There is no doubt, Doraemon Story of Seasons is great game that bring nostalgic moment. There is almost full "Harvest Moon" experience with the story of Doraemon and friend who will keep you attach to this game.

At first glance, this game is slow pace game with routine activity that you must done. But you will find this game offer some more interesting story than Story of Seasons original games.

Nobita as usual having difficulty to finish his summer homework.Then he found a strange seed that he decide it will be he summer project. With help from Doraemon, Sue (Shizuka), Big G (Giant) and Sneez (Suneo) Nobita try to grow the seed.

The seed is magical seed that grow into big tree and comes a hurricane that swept away Nobita and friends.

They will wake up in another place and time and several Doraemon tools is being lost. In confused Nobita and friends get helped by Harmon a child who managed farm in Natura.

Although they are still child, they must do helping work around with the people of natura and try to find a way to back to home and reveal the secret of the Big Tree.

Played as Nobita, you will be managed a farm from the second farm that Harmon have.  And for the story progression you must help another folks on natura.

You can earn money from your farm daily produces that will be collected by Doraemon in 6 PM or you can mining, bug catching and fishing.

The story progress when Nobita found the Doraemon tools that needed by them to bring to the home. And you will find the secret of the Big Tree when the story progress.

Its amazing, we cannot say more.
Its beautiful with dreams frame around the border. You will stuck at one single perspective but you can zoom out to see more of the map.

Using the drawing style as background and 3D model for character, the game looks solid and will amazed your eyes.

Not all gamer will be enjoy this game, it still a slow pace game.
But for people who like the original of harvest moon or the story of seasons series, this game is must have and will be bring back beautiful memory.
It deserve 10 out of 10 from our score review.
You can get this game on Nintendo Switch and PC Steam today. (Ys)

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