Doraemon Story of Season : MAP GUIDE

Now you are ready to play this game, but you are too lazy to explore the Natura wild. So, we bring this post to make your gaming experience more easy to enjoyed.

The MAP 
Natura is not that big, but in first try you will find easily lost. But you already have map to pin point your location so the game is not so hard to explore.

This is the main part area you will be spend time the most. You can grow seed, build a better farm and have chickens, cows, sheeps, dog, horse and even bee in this farm.

And you have your own house in this farm to, so for replenish energy you will need to sleep in this house.

You can deliver your goods to in the box to be pick up by Doraemon every 6PM.

From here you can go to Lumber Jack forest (West), Harappa Square (East) and West Natura (North).


This is the first area that you meet people of Natura Harmon. You will learn about farming, raising stock in here. You can buy chicken, cow and sheep in here too.

Sometimes there is…

Doraemon Story of Season : A game that bring beautiful nostalgic moment Review

There is no doubt, Doraemon Story of Seasons is great game that bring nostalgic moment. There is almost full "Harvest Moon" experience with the story of Doraemon and friend who will keep you attach to this game.

At first glance, this game is slow pace game with routine activity that you must done. But you will find this game offer some more interesting story than Story of Seasons original games.

STORY Nobita as usual having difficulty to finish his summer homework.Then he found a strange seed that he decide it will be he summer project. With help from Doraemon, Sue (Shizuka), Big G (Giant) and Sneez (Suneo) Nobita try to grow the seed.

The seed is magical seed that grow into big tree and comes a hurricane that swept away Nobita and friends.

They will wake up in another place and time and several Doraemon tools is being lost. In confused Nobita and friends get helped by Harmon a child who managed farm in Natura.

Although they are still child, they must do helping work around …

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